Thursday, February 9, 2012

Day 9 of 30 Day Blog challenge

A photo of the item you last purchased.

Engine cleaner and degreaser

I am a gearhead, motorhead, grease monkey and I love my '69 Chevelle. She is currently in pieces at the body shop getting a full frame and body restoration with shiny new paint. My dad and I had to pull the motor out of her, again, for the work. So I am taking it and power washing it tomorrow and I needed some degreaser to help with the process. Once it's all cleaned I will re-paint the block and other parts that go on the motor, put it back together and put it on the car frame. That way my body guy can put the body over the frame and motor with no worries of messing up the new paint job. This post would have been about toilet paper had I not forgotten to buy it, I think that would have made a good blog! LOL

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