Monday, July 26, 2010

A heartbreaking, heartwarming CF moment

This past weekend we went on a mini vacation to Silver Lake Sand Dunes, I have been going there since I was a child and it is my favorite place to go, I love it! I kinda get bitchy when I have to pack to go away because of all the extra's I have to take for CF, three extra bags! I get over it rather quickly because that's just the kind a person I am, I will complain about it for a bit and then move on because I know the complaining is not going to change it and I am truly thankful I am still well enough to travel. So we pack up take off, drive the 2 hours to get there, check in to the hotel (we normally camp but Colton had never stayed in a hotel and this was on his list of things he wanted to do this summer!) Unload everything and chill for a little bit. Our best friends Ben and Chasta went with us which I love because having friends with me makes me generally more happy. So we check out the local restaurants, I'm very familiar with the area but because we always camp I had never ate anywhere around there. We went to a little bar and ate supper, it was a really cool place and the food was pretty good too. Went back to the hotel and went swimming and got in the hot tub for a little bit before it closed. Finally got in the room for the night and was pretty exhausted, still had to do my therapy and Colton was wound like a ten day clock! So I proceeded to get ready for bed and do my therapy. Well I always make myself cough before I start because if I don't I will have a huge cough and have to stop my machines anyways. Well I had everything or so I thought I did, get my huge cough going and I'm bringing up a lot of crap so Colton says " Mommy I'll get you the tissues you forgot because I know you always need those and you forgot" he brings them to me and the trash can this was heartbreaking and heartwarming to me at the same time, I was smiling and had tears in my eyes. If you know Colton you know that he is the sweetest most sensitive boy ever, and would do just about anything for anybody at the age of 6! I got so emotional because the heartbreak that he has to live with and help me with fighting this disease is heartbreaking to me, this should not be part of a his life. But the way he is so sweet and kind and laying there in front of me smiling saying "I always know what Mom needs when she does her therapy" as if it is nothing, because to him it is in fact normal also made me smile because he is always thinking of his mommy, and makes me think I may be raising the most giving child there is and that warms my heart. A lot of people ask me what he knows of CF and it's affects. He knows it makes me sick and it's why I have to do my therapy's and take all my meds, I don't think he grasp what the disease actually does to my body but he knows that CF can kill people. He is my greatest motivator ever I have to fight to live so I can be with this amazing child that God has given me. So over all we had a great trip, did a lot of fun things had some great laughs with friends and did one of Colton's things on his list for summer.