Monday, October 10, 2011

A blog NOT about CF!

Me and my "baby"!

I blog a lot about my CF, it's just usually what's going in my life, and when it's not I'm too busy enjoying the good parts of my life! Well since I was in and cleaned out in July I have been feeling great and living and enjoying life.

My cousin and I lining up

One of the great joys in my life is of course Colton and I do everything with this kid and he does everything with me! But one of the other great joys in my life is my '69 Chevelle, it's like a second child to me! I have been working on it on and off during the summer slowly getting the parts that I needed for it. And although I do a lot of the mechanical work on it myself, I usual need help from my brother and my Dad, and they have been busy all summer, and my Dad works out of state and only home on weekends, so I really don't like taking all his time on his weekends. But he managed to work on it for a couple weekends in a row and got it all read for me to take to the track for open test and tune. I took it to the drag strip for the first time since I put my new motor in it (I had taken it the first year I bought it with the old motor). My best time for that day was 13.3 seconds in a 1/4 mile going 101mph, that is pretty good! I had a blast I LOVE drag racing! I love doing it now and I have always loved watching it. So we had plans for changing some stuff up and coming back in 2 weeks, that's kinda the point, and why it's called test and tune, you test the car out see what it's doing and tune it and change what you need to. We changed the fuel lines, carburetor, and fuel pump. I was having a problem of getting fuel to my engine and then it would die out losing my speed and better time. So after all the changes my Dad figured when I went back I could do at least 12.5. I never got 12.5 but I did get 12.7 at 107mph! My cousin has a race car so I invited him to come to test and tune with us and just run for fun, and my brothers girlfriend, Sarah, has a 2010 Camaro, and I also invited her to run her's for fun, she loves cars and drag racing too, I really more less demanded she come and run, because I knew how much she would love it after she got over the nerves and did the first time, and she did! Now she want's a "real" race car! I love my car and I love racing it! She's going in the body shop this winter, I'm so excited, she's gonna be as pretty as she sounds! I have only tested and tuned her, but next year I hope to enter an actual race!

Sarah and I lining up

One of my other loves has always been horse's I have loved horse's since I can remember. I had a Palomino Quarter-horse I showed in 4H when I was a young girl, he died when I was 17, I was devastated, but I was a teenager and had better things to do. I got another horse a Buckskin when I was 19 or 20, he was not trained well so I really didn't get to ride him much, and then I got pregnant and married and had little time to work with him. I had him for 3 years I believe, then when my son was about 1 we had to move and I had to sell him because we didn't have a place for him at our new home. At our old place we lived next to some great couple that had a horse farm and I would ride with the wife every once in a while. Well I rode with her the week before we moved, that was over 6 years ago, she told me to come and ride but I just never have. I miss my horse's and riding very much, and especially in the spring and fall because that's when I did a lot of riding. Well my husband works with and car pools with a very sweet lady, Judy, that has horse's, she's been telling him for a long time for me to come ride with her. Finally yesterday I had a very intense urge to go riding, for the past week it's been between 70's and 80's here in Michigan which is really crazy! So being so warm and beautiful I told Brad to call her I wanted to go riding! So he did, and she said send her over! So for the first time in over 6 years I got to go horseback riding, oh how I had missed the view between a horse's ears! It was amazing I got to ride a mare named Storie and she was a dream to ride, she knew what she was doing, I rode with Judy and her step daughter Maria. Storie was a leader because she has a faster walk and trot then the other 2 horse's. Horse's are a lot of work and although I long to have them again I can no longer handle the work they come with and I can't justifie making Brad do that work, because he has his own passions he enjoys, that he would rather spend his time on. I do not in tend on waiting another 6 years! I hope to make this happen a little more often. Although it's gonna be getting cold I'm confident I can get a couple more rides in this year.