Wednesday, October 31, 2012

I made it!

Today is my birthday, I am 30! An age I honestly never thought I would reach until recently. As most of us with CF born in that time period, our parents were told we would be lucky if we made it to grade school. But my Mom and Dad never treated me any different, and my Mom says that she never thought I was going to die at a young age. I was always told the truth about CF, always knew the age median of my estimated life expectancy. It never really scared me, but I always felt like I was chasing my own death. I would reach an age and the life expectancy estimate would increase, which is awesome! I want to make it clear that my parents or anyone ever made me feel like I was going to die, in fact the exact opposite. It's just the inner part of me that has always felt/thought like this. A little less then 8 years ago I lost a friend to CF she was 31 and has 2 daughters that were quite young at the time. I was a newly married, new mom. This loss hit me hard, I was terrified I would leave my son at to young of an age where he wouldn't remember me. I remember telling my best friend "I will be happy if I make it to 30, at least then Colton will be old enough to remember me." I am beyond thrilled I have reached this milestone. I have done so many things my parents were told I would never do. I graduated high school, I married, I have a son, and I have even traveled some. I have lived my life to the fullest and experienced amazing things! I lived to see my 30th birthday.  I am over joyed and now that I have made it this far I will not except anything less then at least another 30 years. I also have a heavy heart. The CF community lost 5 lives on Friday to this terrible disease! Two of which were in their 40's which is amazing, but not enough, it's sad that 40 is an amazing age to reach, when in reality it should be the start of a new era in someones life! Sadly the one beautiful young lady was just 22 with her whole life ahead of her. With countless others fighting for their lives. I love my birthday, I always have. It's Halloween which has always been so much fun for a birthday. I cherish my birthdays dearly. But this monumental birthday for me has been by far the most cherished, and mostly because I never thought I would see this day come. Do me a favor and cherish your birthdays too, don't complain about getting another year older, rejoice in the fact that God has given you another year to live on this earth. We always dress up and go out to a costume contest. This year I decided to be a Sugar Skull which is from the Mexican holiday Day of the Dead. It really was very symbolic for me.