Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Day 14 of 30 Day Blog challenge

TV show (or shows) you're currently addicted to

The Voice, I love this show! I don't like very many of the music shows like American Idol, or X Factor. I like this one because there isn't judges, there is coach's, and they don't get to look at the person while they are auditioning, taking away the ability to judge them by what they look like! Then the coach's choice whether or not to turn around and see them, giving them the chance to be on their team. There is some great talent and I love Adam Levine, he's one of the coach's.

MTV's Teen Mom 2, follows 4 teen mom's through life and what it's like to be a teen mom. It has a lot of drama sometimes, and I think some of them are not the smartest, but they are young and I hope they learn and their babies grow up to be great people.

Biggest Loser. Probably don't need to explain. I dislike Conda, I don't care that she is from my home state, about 40 miles from me! She is not nice and cause's un- necessary drama.

Ink Masters. It's a tattoo reality competition. Tattoo artist (I don't remember how many they started with or how many are left) compete for $150,000.00 and the title of Ink Master. They do challenges and accredited tattoo artist in the business judge them and eliminate based on skill.

There's a few, I enjoy TV very much, so I have a lot of favorites.

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