Sunday, February 12, 2012

Day 11 of 30 Day Blog challenge

What's in your makeup bag/purse.

I have loved purse's and carried one for as long as I can remember. Funny little story. I was about 5 or 6 and was with my Grandma and Mom somewhere I don't recall the exact place, in fact I don't really recall this story at all but it has been told to me by Grandma, she still thinks it's funny. I caught her getting in my purse and I declared "Get out of there, I got important stuff in there", who knows what was in it, probably one of my Mom's old drivers licenses, a chap stick, and maybe some change.

Today's list of "important stuff" includes.
-My wallet
-My checkbook
-My truck keys
-My new prescription for sleepiness
-Pill container with enzymes, pain reliever, and vitamins in it
-A small note pad with a little pen that sticks in the side, it was just to cute to pass up a JoAnn Fabrics for a $1
-3 Pens
-A pair of Purple knit gloves
-A portable hair brush, this thing is the size of a pocket mirror with a bruch that folds in and out, got it at Wal-Mart for .97 cents, my long hair get snarled easily.
-JACKPOT found a quarter in the bottom!
-My house keys
-A travel size bottle of lotion from Bath and Body Works
-3 lip glosses
-4 Chap sticks, what can I say I like options!
-A pair of earrings I thought I lost!
-3 peppermints
-2 Lens cleaner wipes
-2 AA Batteries, I have no idea why!?
-5 Hair ties, again with the long hair!
-My brothers SD card, again I have no idea!
-My flash drive with all my picture on it
-A pen light, I stole it from Brad! hehe
-A digital photo key chain Brad got me for Christmas
-These tiny little bolts that go to my alternator pulley for my car, I've almost lost them like 3 times, and when I just pulled them out I almost threw them away! That would be BAD!
-And the most favorite thing I carry in my purse is a sterling silver frog, about the size of a pea, he was a gift from my Mom or my cousin one time when I was in the hospital, he is said to be carried at all times to bring good luck. I don't know if he's from my cousin or my Mom because they both got me one and I carried them both until I lost one. I do not switch purses without my good luck frog!

So there you have it my "important" things I carry. I only use a medium size purse, imagine the possibilities if I carried a large one!

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