Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Day 5 of 30 Day Blog challenge

Talk about my pets.

I have 2 doggies which I mentioned in the last post and included a picture of one. Colton also has a goldfish, which I don't really consider much of a pet, and were only on about the 10 fish now, lol!

Our oldest dog child Casper is a 7 year old Lab mix, we got him when he was 8 weeks old. I had Dog when Brad and I meet (she passed away in Sept 2009), Brad wanted a dog of his own and we thought it would be nice for him to grow up with Colton, he was only 5 months old when we got Casper. So Brad went to his friends cousins where she had 2 white lab mix puppies, Brad took the little one (because I told him to choose the littlest, it's something my dad had always made me do) and our friends took the other larger male white lab. I'm not sure what he is mixed with but he's yellow lab, but he's not the typical yellow lab color, he's much lighter. When he was a puppy he was a white ball of fur, hence the name Casper, you know Casper the friendly white ghost. I'm glad I had Brad pick him because his brother Jordan our friends dog, is NAUGHTY! So Casper was stubborn like a lot of Labs, wanted to run off all the time, I couldn't keep track of him and the Colton who was a baby still at the same time. Unfortunately Casper ended up being chained up a lot which I hated, he now has a radio shock collar knows his boundary and doesn't cross it, he can come in and out when he likes and I like it that way too. I will admit I disliked him very much when he was young a naughty, but he's gotten older and better behaved and I love him very much now. He cuddles with me every morning, he's mama's baby.

Diesel is our 3 year old English Mastiff we got Diesel when he was 4 months old. Diesel has more names then most, we call him D, Des, Dessers, Drooly face, big boy, and the list goes on he just came into these names as we got to know him, he respond to all of them too. He was my clearance puppy, Brad works with a guy who breeds Mastiff's and I had been wanting one for years. Well he told Brad about this lady in Grand Rapids that had one male fawn (tan and black face) left and she was selling them for $200.00 these dogs usually go for between $800 and $1000, so I called her and said I'll pick him up in the morning! Boy was I glad I did, he was living in a small house in the city with a tiny back yard, they had 3 grown mastiffs, a akita dog, a bunch of Chihuahua's and maybe 6 cats! It was not a nice place, you could tell they were breeding dogs for money only and not for the love of the dog, not good breeders at all! I had rescued him, their other Mastiff was gonna have another litter anyday and when that litter came he was set to go to the shelter. And the smell was horrendous, he smelled really bad too, glad I brought a blanket for him to lay on. He was a great puppy right from the beginning, slept on my lap the whole way home, it's like he knew he was gonna have a good life. We stopped at the pet food store to get some puppy food for him, we put the bag in the back of the explorer and he was back there too and started pawing at the bag and had his nose glued to it! It was so cute and funny, but yet I knew it was because food was scarce and he was hungry. He fit in great with the other dogs and potty trained super fast, he truly is a great dog. He has cost me a lot of dough though! Had to have his knee replaced at only 1 year old, which because he's a large breed he had to go to a expensive animal hospital, he also has ear and skin issues! I always joke it's a good thing he was on clearance, cause he's cost me a fortune! But I love him dearly, my house would be lonely and dull without my drooly face gentle giant.

I miss my baby girl Dog so much, I think of her still almost daily, and the thought of her still bring tears to my eyes. She was one in a million. She was a Lab/Saint Bernard mix and I featured her life with us on my blog shortly after I lost her. She died at almost 7 years old. I can't talk about my pets without including her.

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