Monday, November 14, 2011

A day in my life with CF!

So my cousin's girlfriend has an assignment to do for her photography class. She asked me if she could document with photo's a day with me and everything I do with CF. I of course said absolutely! So I have been being photographed from the beginning of this morning from when I started my vest this morning, doing my morning IV med, sterilizing nebulizers, making and drinking my high calorie shake, laying all the pills out I take in a day, which is 47 all together including all my enzymes. We also got to document when my nurse came and changed my dressing. It was a good day to document CF. I was really excited for her to do this and honored for her to chose me and my story. She already showed me the ones she took while she was here and it was really neat to see myself from that perspective doing all my treatments and stuff, seeing what others see. I can't wait to have it put in a video slide show to use as a fundraising/awareness raising tool. I will share it when I get it!