Friday, August 31, 2012

DIY Thirty One bag liner (my first DIY blog!)

So I like most every other woman in America am obsessed with Pinterest! I find myself re-pinning everything, wanting to learn to sew, bake, use power tools, and just be creative! I occasionally find something I think I can pull off. Well I found this one a while ago and it only lead to a picture no blog or instructions to go with only a short explanation in the caption. But it was pretty self explanatory anyways.
This is the picture from the pin If you own a Thirty One Utility tote you know it doesn't stand on its own, it slouches down. In the original pin they had used a summer vinyl table cloth so it can be wiped off if needed. I couldn't find one I liked and figured a shower curtain would serve the same purpose, so today when I found a colorful zebra print shower curtain(my favorite) on clearance at Meijer I decided to go for it. I first went to my Thirty One catalog to get the dimensions of the bag, I could have measured, but they already do and I'm not that accurate at measuring. I then went to the garage and used some card board box's from my car parts that luckily had not been recycled yet. I cut 3 pieces the size of the front back and bottom of the bag 11.75"H X 21.5"W which is the same size, and 2 pieces the size of the sides 11.75"H X 10"D. I brought the pieces in to do a fitting before I covered, I did end up having to trim them down even more to fit nicely.
Because the shower curtain I bought was kinda see through I had to paint the card board for a background color, I originally thought black spray paint would work good, but it didn't work very good and didn't set my pattern off very good either. So after looking through our paint collection I decided to use a lime green we had used in Colton's room a few years ago. Now had I used a table cloth or solid shower curtain I could have avoided this step, but it was on sale and I liked it.
So I painted all 5 pieces and let them dry, I could have done 2 coats but one was enough with the print on top to cover any imperfections. I then measured enough of my curtain to cover each piece and cut it up. Then I just used spray adhesive to glue the shower curtain to my card board pieces. I'm not that great at getting things to fold and cover tightly, but the curtain was kind of stretchy so it worked pretty good.
I love the way it turned out and the colors and patterns together! No more slouchy Large Utility Tote for me.