Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Day 18 of 30 day blog challenge

5 Things that irritate me.

1-People that complain about something they have the ability to change or do something about.
2-Most self portraits on facebook, but more specifically self portrait addicts, you know the one friend that does it ever day, maybe even every hour, and the from up above shot, and OMG the duck face pout "I think I'm hot kiss face". I honestly think I could do a whole post on things that irritate me about facebook.
3- People that are not appreciative of what they have.
4- Jersey Shore. I simply cant stand the fact that they make millions off the degrading, distructive behavior they display. Also hate the influince it has on young people.
5- People that still use their cell phone in the movie theater! Turn it off or I will turn you in! Yes I'm the tattle tale :)

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