Friday, January 18, 2013

You know you have CF and are in the hospital when...

This is kinda inspired by my friend Jenny over at My life as a Livingston who wrote this blog a couple days ago that was hilarious and spot on! If you don't read her blog already you should she's a great writer and really funny.

So you know you have CF and are in the hospital when....
  1. You tell the nurse tech to zero the scale first and to measure in kilograms not pounds.
  2. You request a room by number based on the window space and view.
  3. You tell the on call doctor what meds you will be taking, the doses, when you will be taking them, and for how long.
  4. All the nurses on the floor know not to wake you before 10am.
  5. You bring a full size suitcase and at least 2 other large bags for your stay and still somehow manage to forget something.
  6. The nurses know you by name. (I love my nurses on 6 South at Spectrum in Grand Rapids)
  7. Instead of calling the doctors first when you need to come in you text you nurse who is also your friend and tell her to save you a bed.
  8. You also know the cleaning and transport staff by name.
  9. You know the menu by heart, Tuesday lunch Lasagna, Thursday dinner beef tips and noodles, Friday breakfast cheese omelet. Because in the 4 years I have been coming here it has not changed!
  10. Last but not least you don't wear a hospital gown and people look at you strange when you leave the floor, because your pushing an IV pole but look like a normal healthy person!
I could probably and will probably think of more. Can you think of some? Post them in my comments!

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