Monday, January 21, 2013

My Married family

When some speak of their in laws it isn't always because they love them or even like them, you hear horror stories of the dreaded mother in law. My experience with my in laws couldn't be farther from that, I absolutely love mine!

I have always liked my in laws, Janet and Jerry, since Brad and I got together. I was always afraid of what they thought of me, meeting their son, getting married, and having a baby all within a year! They must have thought we were crazy!! I think I remember Jerry asking Brad at one point if that was what he really wanted to do, was marry me, and we were told by mine and his parents don't just get married because your gonna have a baby! But we knew we were soul mates and would spend the rest of our lives together.

I know now that they absolutely love me! Like most couples starting out Brad and I didn't have a lot of extra money. Janet would always be bringing over groceries for us, or would give us a little extra cash to go out to eat. She has always bought clothes for Colton that she either found on sale or at a garage sale. If you know her you know that she is one of the most giving people you could meet. They both have always been there for us, and most parents are for their children. They are always willing to take Colton when I'm in the hospital or even when I'm not he loves spending time with them. We are a very close knit family.

You can imagine how devastated we all were in August when Janet was diagnosed with Kidney and Brain Cancer. It was followed by brain surgery and having her kidney removed, and through the grace of God came through those surgeries with flying colors. Unfortunately it was short lived. In December she became sick again, and after a CAT scan in January they discovered another tumor in her brain. After a MRI she was referred to Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit where she seen a neurologist who presented her case to a panel of 25 neurologist and oncologist. They then called and said she would go down again for a PET scan this week. They also said she will have to have brain surgery again, we don't know when yet, and some form of radiation. There are several different types of radiation they can do, we don't know which one it will be yet. She was admitted to Midland again on Thursday with a bladder infection, she was very nauseated and throwing up all the time for a few days while there, but that has gotten better and she came home yesterday. She is very weak, especially on her right side, her speech is slurred, and she is sometimes confused or can't focus. This is all symptoms from the tumor. It's hard to see such a strong woman look and feel so weak. I have faith in God she will return to the strong, can't hold her down woman!

I didn't even mention my sister in law Shannon and her husband Phil! Shannon is going through so much being there and taking care of her mom and dad. She still texts me to check on me, ask what she can do for me at home, if Colton is taken care of, does she need to make Brad lunches just telling me if I need anything to let her know! She picked up Diesels medicine for us, you just can't ask for better. And Phil, he's from the south with a thick southern drawl. He chatted with me on facebook for a bit the other night, and the first thing he said just put a smile on my face "Hey sugar" and I read it to myself in his voice :) lol It's just the kindness of being there, chatting with me, knowing that they are there if we need anything, and all while going through one of the hardest things there is.

Brad's cousin Lori has also been a blessing, she has flown home twice from New York to be with the family.  She has been a tremendous help, because sadly she came through cancer with her husband. Knowing how things go, and processes that need to be taken is very useful. Having her there to listen as well and give feed back has been great. She is also hosting a benefit in her hometown for Jerry and Janet in the next month or so, to help them with there expenses. Taking the time to stop and see me here in the hospital in Grand Rapids when she flew in on Saturday. She is a beautiful soul, and I am blessed to have her in my life.

There is so many of Janet and Jerry's family that are truly great people and I am so happy and blessed to have married into such an amazing family.

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