Saturday, January 19, 2013

A plan of action in place!

It is my 3rd day here in the hospital, so far everything has gone pretty good. I did have a headache yesterday and some nausea that was kinda miserable. I talked with Dr. Fitch yesterday too, he said my x-ray showed infiltration in my left lung, and my blood work was all in "my normal" range. I asked him about doing the desensitization to the bactrum now or wait until my most resent sputum culture comes back to see if the results yield better susceptibilities. He thought it was unlikely with my history of Resistances that my new cultures would change enough to make a difference in the course of treatment. Our plan is to now move forward with the desensitization tomorrow morning. I will be given small amounts of bactrum over the course of 8 hours, if each dose goes with no reaction I will remain on it for probably 3 weeks. If I start to have a reaction with any of the doses they then go back one step and start again. It is successful with bactrum, not as successful as a penicillin may be, but Dr. Gonzalas feels I should do good and have success.

So I will continue my treatment plan and after the desensitization hopefully I will be on Zosyn, Bactrum, and Inhaled Colistin. I will probably be here a couple weeks, that will include lots of vest treatments!

Wish me luck :)

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