Thursday, January 17, 2013

Admitted to Club Med AKA Hosptal

If your a facebook friend you already know I'm in the hospital and you also probably know the timing could not be worse. My mother in law is fighting cancer and some other nasty stuff that has come along with it, including a recent bladder infection that has landed her in Midland hospital again. She will be having another brain surgery sometime soon, but can't while she has this infection. She also has gall stones but I don't think they are bothering her so they will just leave them be.

Coming into the hospital is pretty routine for me. I normally don't have too many issues putting my life on hold for a few weeks to get myself feeling 100%. This time has been very hard. I tried to take oral anti-biotic at home for 2 weeks hoping that would put whatever was stirring in my lungs to stop, it didn't work. It started with me just not feeling great, I wasn't feeling really bad. Then one morning while doing my therapy I started coughing up blood, not a lot, and it is common in CF with irritation from coughing or infection. Then fevers started to come in the mornings and at night unless I took ibuprofen every 6 hours. The blood would come and go through out the past 2 weeks along with the fevers. Yesterday I woke up feeling pretty crappy, had a fever and was coughing up blood again. I finally said this isn't working I need to go in.

Over the past 2 weeks I had mulled over several ways to avoid this and reasons I wanted to avoid it are legit!

Reason 1- Wanted to be home for Brad and Colton and the rest of my married family as they are going through the hardest of times right now.

Reason 2- Scared coming in a hospital full of sick people could actually make me sicker, don't know if you've heard but there's a flu epidemic!

Ways I thought I could avoid it.

1- Oral anti-biotic (tried, didn't work)

2- Do home IV's. This question has been posed to me in the past and again today. If I ever do home IV's. The answer is yes I do every time I am on them, but only for the last week of treatment. I have always stayed in the hospital for at least 2 weeks to start with. There are a couple reasons for this.
  • When I start IV's I always feel worse before I feel better, the meds make me feel like I have been hit by a truck, all I do is treatments, eat, and sleep.
  • My IV schedule is usually an IV anti-biotic every 6 hours, which usually equals out to be 6am, 12pm, 6pm, 12am. That schedule leaves me exhausted.
  • I don't "stop" life to take care of me. I am a mom and a wife, if I was home it would be very hard for me not do anything and rest. I have a great support system at home thankfully, my parents can take Colton and take care of him when I'm in here, but it's not as easy to ask when your home.
  • I have tried to do at IV's home only in the past when Colton was a baby, I never felt I got 100% out of the IV's because I just wouldn't rest.
Ultimately this time around depending on how things are going I may cut my 2 weeks in house to 1 week in and 2 weeks of home IV's. When it comes to my health I tend to be selfish, because if I don't take care of me I can't take care of others. I will always do whats best for my health and well being, it's not always easy, and has been extremely hard this time.

The plan for my stay right now is to get results from my sputum culture and x-ray and go from there. I am resistant to a lot of anti-biotic and allergic to many others, it leaves very few that my bugs respond to. So I may have to be desensitized to a med I'm allergic to. It's just wait and see right now, in the time being I'm continuing the oral Cipro and starting IV Zosyn. I will update when I can.


  1. Sorry you're in, but you're right - your health has to take precedence, even when it's not the easiest thing to do. And I agree with you 100% on home IV's! I've only ever substituted a hospital stay with home IV's (went in for a day or two to get hooked up and started, then did the rest of the course at home) and I never got feeling as good as I should have. I believe it has everything to do with the fact that we don't stop being wives and moms -- the dishes still need to be done, our kids still need to be fed, etc. For me, it's necessary to plop myself in a hospital bed and force myself to rest as much as possible!

    Sending love! You can do this!

  2. Oops.. I meant to say that I only substituted home IV's for a hospital stay ONCE. I think you got the jist of it anyway... ;)

  3. Jamie,
    I will say this again and are an amazing WIFE, MOM, AUNT,DAUGHTER,FAMILY,FRIEND,PERSON,and full of LOVE! When we came home last fall and spent time with you, it gave Bob and I an opportunity to get to know your family a little more. Your family left me with something that is beyond any words expressed in black in white could say. What I can say is "We LOVE YOU so very much"...and our thoughts of a speedy recovery and God Speed are with you.