Wednesday, January 30, 2013

What I do when I'm in the hospital

What do you do while your in the hospital so long? That's a question I get a lot. So I thought I would try to put a little list together of what I have done during this 2 week hospital stay.

  • 1,680 Minutes of vest treatment
  • 84 Aerosol medications
  • 42 meals, 56 snacks
  • Slept approximately 150 hours
  • 56 Doses of Iv meds
  • Taken 644 pills
  • 7 showers
  • Read 2 books and 4 magazine's
  • Watched 10 movies and about 114 hours of TV
  • Wrote 6 blogs
  • Spent hours on facebook and pinterest
  • Had visits from Aunt Charlene, Uncle Ken, Lori, Mom, Dad, Colton, Brandon, Sarah, Katie, Megan, Alex, Paul, and Jamie
  • 42 Vital checks
  • Walked 180 minutes

So although it seems I have all kinds of time on my hands, I am actually doing a lot of sleeping, eating, and treatment. Do I get bored, absolutely, especially the last few days when I feel so much better. But to feel so much better it is worth it.

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