Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Great Vacations = Great Memories Part 3

Here's a link to part 1&2

I never intended to have a 4 part blog about my vacation, but I guess it just sort of happen that way.

On day 3 the weather forecast was cloudy and chilly in the 50's. So we set off for our day on Mackinac Island. Mackinac Island is only accessible by boat, in fact there is no motorized vehicles allowed on the Island with the exception of 2 cop cars, 2 ambulances, a fire truck, and golf carts that are only allowed on the golf course. The only way to see and travel the Island is on foot, bicycle, and horse. So when I purchased our fairy tickets I bought a package deal that got us to and from the Island, a horse carriage tour of the historic city, and state park, and tickets to get inside Fort Mackinac. One of the main attractions on the Island and in Mackinaw city is FUDGE! There is 12 fudge shops you can visit on the Island and sample all the fudge, YUMMY, but it is almost guaranteed to give you a belly ache!

So we set out on the 2 horse carriage ride through the historic part of the city, up through town past the fort, the Grand Hotel, and up to the carriage house museum. They let you off the carriage to spend as much time as you want in the museum that has all sorts of old carriages and even the hearse carriage they use for Island residents funerals. *FYI-To be buried on the Island you have to have been born there, and lived there for 15 years.* There is also shops, and a butterfly house there. You then get on a 3 horse carriage that hauls 35 people and was specially made in Indiana for Mackinac Island, to your journey through the state park. *FYI- If you pick any flowers or anything in the state park it is against the law and even a dandelion can cost you a $50.00 fine!* You journey on up through and around the park past skull cave, and the cemetery's of the Island, on up to Arch Rock. You get to get out again at Arch Rock for about 10 minutes for pictures and to enjoy the view.

After Arch Rock you go back down to the Fort, and those that want to get out and enjoy Fort Mackinac, after you done you can either catch a carriage ride down or walk to the city, it's all down hill, and only about 1/2 mile. After we toured the Fort (I can't even start telling about all of it or this would be even longer) that's full of great history and done so well even kids enjoy it! We chose to walk back to the city, it was cool the whole day and had warmed up in the 60's by the time we headed to the city for yet another LATE lunch. Finished up some souvenir shopping and headed to our boat launch to catch our 6pm fairy ride. I forgot to mention the ride to the Island was horrible! The stone fly's were really bad up there, the fairy has an upper deck that's outside and lower deck that is inside with windows all around. Well the fly's were everywhere all over the boat, the seats, and on you and if you try to get them off of you they end up squashed with bug guts on you! Not to mention it was COLD! So we got there early to make sure we got on the lower deck! And that was a great ride back, unlike the ride there! It ended up being a wonderful day. We went to the hotel relaxed a bit and then went out for Ice Cream, it was homemade and it was AMAZING! Went to bed exhausted, for the next day we were to head home, and it was Brad's birthday the next day too!

Part 4, the final one, I promise! Coming soon.

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