Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Spouse's of CFer's

My husband Brad is amazing! I never thought I would meet a man that would treat me as wonderful as he does, I got lucky! Growing up I never had boyfriends until High school and I always believed it was directly related to having CF. When I got in high school and had a few boyfriends it was still there that feeling that no boy/man could love someone as sick as me. I then meet a boy who did love me for who I was and did not see my disease as me other then it was just a part of me, we dated for a long time and he was great about my CF and being there when I needed him for that, for other reasons we didn't work out. And not more then 2 weeks later I meet Brad, we meet through a mutual friend. I know the first night I talked to him, which was for 4 hours, that if he could love me for me and get past CF I would marry him. I'm always very up front about CF when I meet people, it was funny when I told him about it the first thing he said was "it it contagious" I laughed so hard when he said that. But we went on dates and started hanging out A LOT, like 24/7 we couldn't get enough of each other, I was in love and so was he. We both knew we wanted to get married and had actually talked about the next October we both love fall and wanted a fall wedding, this was in June. I found out I was pregnant in August! We were both a little in shock, but once it set in I decided I wanted to get married before we had our baby, so we did on November 8th 2003. We found a house and moved in together, we never actually lived together before we got married. And on March 28th, 2004 I gave birth to Colton Thomas Purchase (his story will be another blog). We had everything we wanted and it was great but it was hard! It was a huge transition being married and living together and learning how to be a married couple and then throw a baby on that and it was hard. We had our problems but we worked through them. When we got married we said divorce is not an option for us, we both come from parents who are still married, his for 37 years and mine for 21 years. I think it is the fact that we both said it out loud and agreed to it it makes us work harder on us as a couple. These days we are doing great we have found a balance in our life that works for us and I couldn't be happier, he is the love of my life, and my soul mate! When I started this blog it was not my intention to tell my story but to give the appreciation that is due to the spouse's of people with CF, I believe it takes a special person to love us because we are special ourselves. Brad says he doesn't think about CF, he just see's me. But I think CF is a part of me and in someways has made me the person I am. I am me and that includes CF. So much love and appreciation to spouse's of CFer's you deserve it! And to all you CFer's who think you don't deserve to be loved because you might be cheating someone out of a life long partner, you deserve to be loved and there is someone out there for you I am a strong believer in LOVE!


  1. I am so glad you were able to find true love it has to make this lil adventure so much easier ;)

    Looking forward to it one of these days ;)

  2. It's easier for guys to accept a girl with CF, then a girl to accept a guy with CF. At least that's how it seems for me. It's different for everyone.

    Your story is awesome! Yeah, CF is apart of me as well, and I think that's how we've all been able to cope with it. It is who I am, in a sense.

    Brad is one lucky guy, because I've never been around you in person, besides at CF Camp, but I get a sense of what type of person you are, and you're very caring and all around a great person. Well, lets not leave out Colton either. He's lucky to have a Mom like you.