Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My pretty new layout

I wanted to make my blog pretty like some of the other ones I see. So I did, it took a little time to figure out, I'm not that savvy when it comes to this stuff. I think I like it I get bored easily though so I'll probably change it before long. Not much going on in my exciting life right now, we went and got family pictures done Thursday night that was fun can't wait to get the prints back, and Colton's individual pictures too, I have seen the proofs online and they look great! I'm excited about this weekend, we are going to Snow Snake it's a place where you can snowboard, ski and tube, us and are friends Ben and Chasta are going to go Sunday should be fun! I love the winter, I know a lot of people hate it, but I grew up snowmobiling and sledding it is just so much fun, and now I get to do those things with Colton, he has his own snowmobile. Me and my brother use to go out and sled for hours, winter holds some of my greatest memories! That's why I love Michigan I get a mix of all the different season's. Done rambling :)


  1. I love the new look. I just created mine on my own, but maybe I need to put more thought into it and do something with mine.