Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Resent results from clinic

So I went to my 3 month clinic appointment last Thursday. Nothing real exciting about it, I was hoping my PFT's would have increased into the 50% area but no such luck. I was not surprises though after the stressful month I had and losing Dog the week before had a big impact on me. Stress always does for me it really puts me down, I'm not sure why, I mean I know it's bad for everyone but it just reeks havoc on my body. I have been staying in the same range for the last 6 months between 45-47% which is good that I'm not losing any, but I have been striving for almost 2 years to get back in the 50% area. About 2 years ago I got an infection that I couldn't get rid of and I was allergic to the meds that would have been best to treat it. Well after being sick and in the hospital 3 times in one year (the most ever for me), they finally did a desensitization to the med so my body would take it and got rid of the bug. I lost about 15% lung function in that time and have been unable to re-gain it. It is very frustrating to me but I will keep trying. I have also been having a lot of lung pain lately so the doctor started me on 600mg Ibuprofen 3 times a day, he also thinks it will help the inflammation in my lungs. So I will go back in about 3 months and still hoping for improvement.

Colton is back in school now, started 1st grade last week and seems to being liking it much better then last year. We are all still dealing with the loss of Dog and have sad moments, but are doing much better. I have been on a cleaning spree the last few days. I have cleaned out and organized our computer/hunting room, the living room closet, the laundry room, and our bedroom! I am pretty impressed with how good they look. The dust is not helping my allergies, but with nasel wash and spray they seem fine.

Well I guess that's all for now.


  1. Glad your checkup went good. What IV antibiotic are you allergic too?


  2. I'm allergic to bactrum, ceftazadime, tycarcillian, and colistine.